Hi!!! I'm Jana! Thank you for stopping in to get to know me! I'm so excited about the prospect of getting to work with you! 


 I consider myself to be a kindhearted, humble, and really just a down to earth kind of gal. I love to laugh, be outside, learn, and try new things. I often look for creative ways to incorporate this sense of adventure into my photography. I also consider myself to be a lucky woman. Lucky because my boyfriend, the love of my life, encourages me to follow my dreams. I couldn't do what I do without his love, support, and friendship. We have three furbabies, two goofy ole hounds and a temperamental kitty that add so much joy to our lives. 


My love for photography was instilled in me at a young age. I learned a lot from my mother.  She never went anywhere without her Olympus OM-2s, 35 mm film camera. She was always protective of it and would never let me use it. Not until I was about 12 years old. From the moment I got my first roll of film developed I was hooked. The excitement that builds as you wait to see what awesome things you were able to capture never gets old and makes me feel a sense of nostalgia for the less digital days of photography. The digital world still provides this excitement but one doesn't have to wait for the gratification of seeing their treasures.


It wasn't until I was about to graduate from college that I got my first big camera, a Canon 20D. I took every opportunity to use it. I went to sporting events and sat on the side lines anytime they would let me. I did my sibling's senior pictures, I stopped on the side of the road for breath taking sunsets, and every chance I got to photograph our family dog, I took it. Fast forward about 5 years and I took my first leave from teaching. I decided to join my younger brother who was a raft guide on the New River in West Virgina for the summer season. I got a job working for Whitewater Photography. One of the best jobs I've ever had. I loved it so much! I got to photograph people having the time of their lives on the New River.


Sadly, when the season ended I had to return home to Indiana. I still wasn't excited about the idea of returning to teaching so I looked for another photography opportunity. Bella Baby Photography was looking for photographers to capture lifestyle images of families with their new tiny humans at the hospitals in Louisville. I quickly applied and was offered a job. I worked for them for about a year. It provided me with many learning opportunities!! I returned to teaching with the intent of finding more opportunities to grow my photography skills. This proved to be a good decision because the school I worked for used my skills to help develop their school website with professional head shots, a virtual tour of the school, any events they put on including theater productions, and their graduation ceremony. 


 I have so much to be grateful for and my business has grown and continues to grow through the gracious opportunities of others. I now offer services in the areas of weddings & engagements, events, couples, newborns, children & families, teens, beloved furbabies, adventure sessions, and lifestyle. 


So why should you trust me to capture your special moments? The quality of your images is of utmost importance to me as well as the experience you have during your session or event. I strive to provide you with an opportunity to have fun and capture memories while doing it. I work very hard to help you be yourself, by taking time before and during our session to get to know you and your interests. When working with me, your session will feel more like you're hanging out with friends than posing awkwardly for a camera.  Contact me today to schedule your session!!